Aboriginal and Workers of Color (AWOC) commettee members are:

  1. Dudley Green
  2. Baljinder Varaich
  3. Karamjeet Sidhu
  4. Trever Tung
  5. Javed Facher
  6. Marlon Hyland
  7. Harvinderpal Mohar
  8. Saeed Hashemi 
  9. Zubin Vatts

Officer In-Charge

  • Jessie Rana


 The Bargaining Committee shall consist of four (4) elected members from Local 111 at large. The members with the fifth and sixth highest votes in the election for the position shall be Alternates. Should there be a permanent vacancy during the term of the Bargaining Committee the next Alternate shall assume that position. (Alternates do not fill in during temporary absences). The President, by virtue of office, is an ex officio member of this committee.

Current Members of the Commitee are:

  1. Gary Kong 
  2. Pinky Mahil
  3. Lee Stebner
  4. Terry Fedoruk

Alternate Members are:

  1. Bruce Murray
  2. Roger Rioux

Officer In-Charge

  • Balbir Mann


Members for By-Laws Committee are:

  1. Dev Mangat
  2. Stacey Avitan
  3. Harminder Kalkat

Officer In-Charge

  • Balbir Mann


Members for the Communications Committee are:

  1. George Schandl 
  2. Pinky Kainth-Mahil
  3. Dev Mangat

Officer In-Charge

  • Balbir Mann

Education Committee

Our Local has a 3 member Education Committee that works in conjunction with Unifor’s National Education Department(PEL). PEL offers an extensive year-round Labour Education Program across the country in the communities where our members live, as well as at our Family Education Centre (FEC) in Port Elgin, Ontario.  We offer courses on a whole range of subjects that range in length:  one day, three day and one week.

Members of Education Committee are:

  1. Rob Sangara
  2. Michelle Wilson
  3. Dev Mangat

Officer In-Charge

  • Balbir Mann

Elections Committee

The Local 111 Elections Committee consists of three (3) members in good standing that are elected for a term of three years. This committee conducts all Local 111 elections, when called. The Committee is governed by the Local Bylaws and the UNIFOR National Constitution.

It is the responsibility of the Elections Committee to ensure that elections are fair and to take charge of the acceptance of nomination forms and the voting ballots, to count the votes and inform the membership of the results. The Committee ensures that the integrity of the process is maintained.

Members of Election Committee are:

  1. Dil Aulakh
  2. Brenda Lail-Sangha
  3. Kulvinder Sandhu

Local 111 Bylaws

For more information on the Election Committee and Elections, please refer to Articles 15.00 and 16.00 of the Local 111 Bylaws.

Equity Delegates

Unifor Canada Council Equity Delegate:

  1. Lee Stebner
  2. Krista Lee Hansen
  3. Jessie Rana

Unifor BC Regional Council Equity Delegates:

  1. Krista Lee Hansen
  2. Michelle Wilson
  3. Dave Sidhu

BC Federation of Labour Equity Delegates:

  1. R.P. Singh Arora

Grievance Committee

Members of Grievance Committee are:

  1. Matt Maisonneuve
  2. Jane Robinson

Officer In-Charge

  • Balbir Mann

Health & Safety Committee

Unifor Local 111 is committed to the health and safety of our members! The Health & Safety monthly minutes (January 2016 onwards) are available in the Forms & Resources area. (in Resources)

If you have questions, or concerns, please contact the Health & Safety Representative at your depot.

Members for the Committee are:

  1. Peter Sangha
  2. Robi Clesson
  3. Andy Johnson
  4. Lloyd Payne
  5. Robby Sidhu
  6. Elaine Yip

Officer In-Charge

  • Lee Stebner

Human Rights

The mandate of the Human Rights Committee is to work both within our Local and the community to ensure equal rights for all people regardless of race, sex, creed, colour, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, political or religious affiliation or place of national origin, so long as the perceived rights of one do not infringe upon the rights of another. We will endeavour, in our committee work, to bring awareness and education to our Members and the community pertaining tothe struggles and the barriers that are faced still, today, in our workplaces and in society. Unifor fights for dignity, safety, fairness and equality for all its Members. Allies are particularly crucial in the struggle for true equality for our lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans Members.

Members for the Human Rights Committee are:

  1. Rob Sangara
  2. Fiona Liu
  3. Ralf Stewart
  4. Sybil Joseph
  5. Nicholas Khoo
  6. Devinder Gill
  7. Barinder Thind
  8. Matt Maisonneuve
  9. Harpreet Anand


Members of LGBTQ Committee are:

  1. Ralf Stewart
  2. Danni Fitzpatrick
  3. Richard Engelhardt
  4. Michael Hogan
  5. Tennille Barrie-Kerr
  6. Krista Lee Hanson

Officer In-Charge

  • Lee Stebner

Mental Health Representatives

Our Mental Health Representatives are:

  1. Mariano Dumitra (BTC)
  2. Hark Sandhu (HTC)
  3. Saeed Hashemi (PCTC)
  4. Remil Niza (STC)
  5. Wayne Fester (RTC)
  6. Dale Martin (VTC)

Recreation Committee

Members of Recreation Committee are:

  1. Kevin Daine
  2. Harpreet Pandher
  3. Allan Abela
  4. Baljinder Varaich
  5. RP Singh Arora
  6. Pinky Kainth-Mahil
  7. Linda Hudson
  8. Robby Sidhu
  9. Zubin Vatts

Officer In-Charge:

  • Raj Purewal

Retirement Committee

The Local 111 Retirement Committee is responsible for organizing the Local’s retirement parties, where Local 111 Retirees are honoured for their years of hard work. Keep an eye out for posters at your depot or on this site informing you of the next Retirement Party and it’s Honourees!

Members for the Retirement Committee are:

  1. Kevin Daine
  2. RP Singh Arora
  3. Robby Sidhu
  4. Linda Hudson
  5. Pinky Kainth-Mahil
  6. Allan Abela
  7. Jim Baxter
  8. Zubin Vatts

Officer In-Charge

  • Raj Purewal


There are Three(3) Trustees elected for the term of 3 years during the General Elections.

Current Trustees are:

  1. Heather McGown
  2. Christine Pavan
  3. Kevin Daine

Local By-Laws

For more information on the Trustees, please refer to Article 12.00 Local 111 Bylaws.

Women’s Advocate Committee

Members of the Women’s Advocate Committee are:

  1. Sandra Montogomery
  2. Heather McGown
  3. Michelle Wilson
  4. Jane Robinson
  5. Shaireen Lata
  6. Sybil Joseph

Officer In-Charge

  • Lee Stebner

Women’s Committee

The Purpose and Goals of the Women’s Committee

To gain equality and achieve their goals, women must work with and through their Unions.  History demonstrates that by organizing into Unions, working people have achieved better wages, working conditions, benefits, job security, human rights and equity protection.

The Local 111 Women’s Committee is an advocate for women within the Union, and especially at the Local level. We often act as advisors, mediators and investigators under Unifor’s Harassment and Discrimination Prevention policy.  The Local 111 Women’s Committee also initiates campaigns in the workplace and community for women’s rights.

The Women’s Committee is also available to work with the bargaining teams on contract language regarding equity issues.  Equality for women and other equity-seeking groups is a central thrust of all our work, both in the workplace and our communities..

What can a local women’s committee do?

Seek out sisters who will run as stewards and officers.

Identify and dissolve the barriers that block sisters from participating.  This means everyone, including sisters of colour, First Nations sisters, lesbian sisters, disabled sisters and those with families.

Work with the Women’s Committee Representative in the region.

Organize educationals at lunch or after work on issues like “bargaining for a family-friendly workplace” or health and safety.

Support women in other workplaces and other Unions.

Develop strategies to encourage your community to support public services.

Members of the Womens Committee are:

  1. Karamjeet Sidhu
  2. Michelle Wilson
  3. Christine Pavan
  4. Hardeep Dhillon
  5. Brenda Lail-Sangha
  6. Jauna Ruddick

Officer In-Charge

  • Jessie Rana

Young Workers Committee

Members of Young Workers Committee are:

  1. Paven Rai
  2. Sheldon Prasad
  3. Fiona Liu
  4. Scott Kingston
  5. Heather McGown
  6. Sonu Narang
  7. Baljinder Varaich
  8. Jeevanjot Virk
  9. Trevor Tung
  10. Kulvinder Sandhu

Officer In-Charge

  • Jessie Rana