Health & Benefit Trust

The Transit Employees’ Health and Benefit Trust (“Trust”) is a Health and Welfare Trust, created with authority to:

  • Create
  • Amend 
  • Govern
  • Manage and 
  • Operate the Transit Employees’ Health and Benefit Plan (“Plan”).

On behalf of the members of the Plan and in accordance with the provisions of the collective agreements.
The original Trust agreement is dated 7 February 1984.

The Trust is used to deliver group benefits on a cost effective basis to union and exempt employees of the following participating employers:

  • Coast Mountain Bus Company.
  • TransLink.
  • BC Transit.
  • Transit Security Management Limited.

The Trust is governed by a joint board of trustees comprised of union and management representatives (“The Board”), and pursuant to Canada Revenue Agency (“CRA”) policy, enjoys tax preferences (i.e., it is effectively tax exempt).

The Board consists of 6 Trustees with equal voting power, appointed by:

3 employer: 

  • 1 appointed by CMBC.
  • 2 appointed by Translink.

3 union:

  • 1 appointed by Unifor, Local 111.
  • 1 appointed by Unifor, Local 2200.
  • 1 appointed by CUPE, Local 4500.

The Board meets six (6) to eight (8) times per year to:

  • Hear claims appeals.
  • Monitor investment performance.
  • Review service provider information.
  • Approve contract renewal terms with service providers.
  • Consider on-going claims adjudication.
  • Consider and approve actuarial valuations and set rates.
  • Monitor contributions to the fund.

Local 111 member who sits on the Health and Benefit Trust:

Sandra Montgomery