Burnaby Transit Centre:

Burnaby Transit Centre, also known as “BTC”, is located at 3750 Kitchener Street, Burnaby BC. It is divided into North and South sides. BTC is home to 218 buses that provide the service to Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and North Shore, the vehicle maintenance centre which provides fleet overhaul, paint and fabrication services for the entire conventional and articulated fleet. Signage, farebox and bus stop maintenance operations are also performed.

Hamilton Transit Centre:

Hamilton Transit Centre is the newest operating transit centre, also known among locals as “HTC”. It is located on a 7.3 hectare site at 4111 Boundary Road, Richmond, BC. Construction began in 2013 and operations commenced in September 2016 replacing North Vancouver Transit Centre. It has a capacity for 300 diesel, hybrid, and CNG variants and Community Shuttle (CTS) buses. It serves various routes in Burnaby, Richmond, New Westminster, Delta and Vancouver. HTC facility is also home to CTS Dispatch.

Port Coquitlam Transit Centre:

Port Coquitlam Transit Centre, opened in August 1978, also known as “PTC”, “PCT”, or “PCTC”, is located at 2061 Kingsway Avenue, Port Coquitlam BC. PCTC was the first facility in Metro Vancouver capable of servicing CNG vehicles. In June 1991, PCTC became the first transit centre in the history of Metro Vancouver transit to operate and store articulated buses.

Richmond Transit Centre:

Richmond Transit Centre, also known as “RTC”, is located at 11133 Coppersmith Way, Richmond BC. RTC opened on September 4, 2000 with capacity for 200 vehicles, including articulated and double-decker buses, to service Richmond, White Rock, and parts of Burnaby, Delta, Langley, Surrey and Vancouver.

Surrey Transit Centre:

Surrey Transit Centre, also known as STC, is located at 7740 132nd Street, Surrey BC and was opened in May 1975. STC provides services for the surrounding areas of Surrey, Langley, Delta and Maple Ridge with capacity for 250 Conventional and Community Shuttle Buses.

Vancouver Transit Centre:

Vancouver Transit Centre also known as VTC, is located at 9149 Hudson Street, Vancouver, BC. VTC houses more than 400 buses. The building has space for approximately 1000 individuals involved in administration, training, operations and management work. In late 2009, it completed a $2,000,000 upgrade to provide additional garage space with the arrival of 34 additional articulated trolley units. Parking space was added on the western side of the property for diesel unit storage.