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Unifor Local 111 works hard to improve our working conditions, by making our work place fair and safe for all.

To achieve this goal, our various committees are a vehicle to exercise our right to have a voice in our work place.


Aboriginal and Workers of Color (AWOC) commettee members are:


 The Bargaining Committee shall consist of four (4) elected members from Local 111 at large.


Members for By-Laws Committee are:

  1. Dev Mangat
  2. Stacey Avitan
  3. Harminder Kalkat

Officer In-Charge


Members for the Communications Committee are:

Education Committee

By engaging our Membership in a progressive learning environment, we encourage the development of strong, informed Activists and Representatives. The Education Committee can be reached at

Elections Committee

The Local 111 Elections Committee consists of three (3) members in good standing that are elected for a term of three years.

Equity Delegates

Unifor Canada Council Equity Delegate:


Members of Grievance Committee are:

Health & Safety Committee

Unifor Local 111 is committed to the health and safety of our members!

Human Rights

The mandate of the Human Rights Committee is to work both within our Local and the community to ensure equal rights for all people regardless of ra