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Burnaby Transit Centre

Burnaby Transit Centre, also known as “BTC”, is located at 3750 Kitchener Street, Burnaby BC. It is divided into North and South sides.

BTC is home to 218 buses that provide the service to Burnaby, New Westminster, Vancouver and North Shore, the vehicle maintenance centre which provides fleet overhaul, paint and fabrication services for the entire conventional and articulated fleet. Signage, farebox and bus stop maintenance operations are also performed.

There are 10 bus bays available for repairs, maintenance and rebuilds and four paint booths. The fleet parts warehouse, fabrication and machine shop and inventory control functions are all co-located in the immediate vicinity.


Property Rep:

Terry Fedoruk (Acting)

Chief Job Steward:

Tony Di Salvatore

Safety Reps:

  1. Nelson Garcia
  2. Lloyd Payne
  3. Raj Janjua
  4. Tony Di Salvatore
  5. Robynn Bunch

Sheet and Service Review Reps:

  1. Lloyd Payne
  2. Richard Jenkins
  3. Fiona Liu

Sign-Up Reps:

  1. Michelle Woods
  2. Nelson Garcia
  3. Lloyd Payne
  4. Raj Janjua
  5. Amir Imani

Spareboard Reps:

  1. Brian Drake
  2. Nelson Garcia

Accident Adjudicators:

  1. Steve Canessa

AMP Reps:

  1. Richard Jenkins
  2. Lloyd Payne

Care Committee:

  1. Tim Kinoshita

Human Rights:

  1. TBA

Envoirnment Committee:

  1. TBA

Mental Health Rep:

  1. Mariano Dumitra
  2. Jane Robinson

VIW Rep:

  1. Mariano Dumitra
  2. Raj Janjua

Womens Advocate:

  1. TBA

Womens Committee:

  1. TBA

Young Workers Committee:

  1. Fiona Liu

Unifor Canada Council Delegate:

  1. Kirk Rockwell
  2. Raj Janjua

Unifor BC Regional Council Delegate:

  1. Kirk Rockwell
  2. Raj Janjua

BC Fed Labour Delegate:

  1. Kirk Rockwell
  2. Lloyd Payne